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Opportunity Of A Lifetime



​The payment processing industry is big business. The amount that consumers spend using credit cards and debit cards in North America exceeds $3 trillion annually and that numbers is growing by about 8% per year.


COVID-19 has forced millions of businesses into the digital domain to sell their goods and services.

One Swipe At A Time™ proudly introduces  a game-changing payment processing solution that has completely disrupted a business-as-usual merchant services industry.



As a registered independent sales organization (ISO) with One Swipe At A Time™, you're empowered with the tools, training, and sales knowledge to begin offering businesses owners the most exciting product to sweep the payment processing industry in more than 50 years.

  • No upfront financial investment to get started.

  • Comprehensive webinar-based training provided to all new agents — free of cost every week.

  • Learn from top performing sales agents who eagerly share their tips and strategies.

  • Discover exactly what they did step-by-step to achieve their goals.

  • Get paid via electronic deposit. Our agents never wait for a check to come in the mail.

  • Sign up to become an Independent Sales Organization today.


What's Required To Get Started?

Benefits Of Becoming a One Swipe At A Time™ Independent Sales Organization.


  1. The freedom of working for yourself and truly earning what you are worth.

  2. Earn generous advance sign-up commissions and extra bonus commissions for achieving very realistic minimum sales goals. (No quotas).

  3. Earn huge monthly bonus overrides on your own sales efforts and that of sub-agents whom you recruit as part of your own ISO sales agency. We have agent/ISOs who regularly sign up banks, credit unions and other merchant services providers. Earn 10% override on their sales efforts.

  4. Finally, you earn FULLY VESTED, MONTHLY RESIDUAL INCOME paid for as long as each of your customers use One Swipe At A Time as their merchant services provider.

Our Unbeatable Value Proposition

Our independent sales agents bring to market a patent-pending, technology and U.S. Supreme Cour approved electronic transaction methodology that automates the credit card surcharge experience. The bottom line is that our service completely eliminate credit card processing fees. That's what we do.


Merchants using Zero Cost Credit© pay 0.00% + $0.00 in transactions fees when their customers pay by credit card. When a customer pays by bank-issued debit card the merchant pays 1.00% + $0.25 cents per transaction. It's that simple. No application fee. No hidden fees. No long term binding contracts, no tricks or gimmicks.


The era of paying bank-imposed credit card processing fees is over. Zero Cost Credit© is a patent-pending technology that has literally disrupted the payments industry.


  • Our product platform rides on the network infrastructure of Elavon© (a U.S. Bank company) and top five rated global payment processor managing over $6.6 trillion in annual transactions worldwide.

  • Merchants and customers enjoy seamless payments experiences on mobile devices, tablets, eCommerce stores, and in-store retails environments.

  • Sales agents earn between 200% and up to 400% more in monthly residual commissions when compared to traditional merchant services compensation plans.


Zero Cost Credit vs Traditional Payment Processing (Agent Earnings)

Traditional banks and payment processors earn revenue on rates and prices above true interchange. This means that sales agents offering traditional merchant services are paid on average .25 up to .50 basis points above true Visa & MasterCard interchange on the agent’s entire portfolio of business.


Compare that to the One Swipe At A Time opportunity. Here, sales agents earn on average from 1.50 basis points up to 2.50 basis points on the exact same processing volume.

If you are currently working for another payment processor, we invite your compare our full scope portfolio of services and pay plan to your current employer.


Revenue share breakdown under the One Swipe At A Time financial management structure best summarized as follows:


  • 50% to One Swipe At A Time - corporate.

  • 25% to compensate the independent sales agent /affiliate sales force

  • 25% to purchase and provide any required business equipment, software, 24/365 customer support, web platforms, and miscellaneous overhead and costs.

Business People Talking

"Every day, I get to enjoy helping business owners become more profitable. Without my services ---tens of thousands of small businesses will continue losing billions each year on bank-imposed credit card processing fees.


One Swipe At At Time  eliminates credit card processing fees for my clients, speeds up the checkout process, ensure PCI compliance, and dramatically improves their bottom-line.


I love it!"

Kevin James - Authorized ISO & Partner

Prospective ISO Inquiry

Become an authorized nationwide Independent Sales Agent & (ISO) representing ONE Swipe At A Time and our partner company Banc Certified Merchant Services.


As a registered independent sales agent, you will be able to offer businesses the most competitive credit card processing solutions in the history of the industry.


We also offer a plethora of ancillary products, 24/7 live customer support, and unmatched industry training, and agency building resources. Our independent sales agents representing earn generous upfront-bonuses, additional sales production bonuses of $150 to $300 per sale, plus 200% up to 500% more in monthly residual income compared to any traditional merchant services compensation plan on the market.


Got questions? Feel free to contact a company representative today.


  • Anthony McCombs, CEO at (614) 975-8601

  • Board Member & Co-founder Kevin James at (818) 850-1034

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