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Q. Is it easy for existing businesses to become a member of One Swipe at a Time?

A. Yes, a simple application is all that it takes. We are available 24/7/365 to provide continuous support to entrepreneurs who are just starting out as well as those who are already in our network.



Q. Is there any benefit that existing businesses will receive from switching their payment services to One Swipe at a Time?


A. Yes, Quicker funding, lower rates and improved reporting are amongst the top-most benefits existing businesses will receive from switching payment services to One Swipe at a Time.



Q. What is the name or credentials of the company that will be handling my payment processing account?


A. Banc Certified Merchant Services is a payment processing company that has been in the market A. Banc Certified Merchant since the past 25 years. It has an A+ record from BBB and is one of the largest Non-Public payment processing companies sponsored by the U.S. Bank. Moreover, it also ensures customer value and satisfaction at par.



Q. How do I know what is happening with the profit generated from my account?

A. A section of the website will list all the companies that are supporting this cause. This section will also give you a complete accounting synopsis of all the funds that are generated and distributed. In addition, all the start-up businesses that have received capital and the amount will be listed.


Q. If I decide to cancel, can I do it easily?

A. Yes, you are on a month to month agreement and if you wish, you may cancel at any time without any termination fee.

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