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Our Mission


One Swipe At a Time™ is a non-profit organization created for one purpose. We empower African-American entrepreneurs with start-up grants in the form of working capital, business education, and business growth management tools allowing our members to launch and grow a successful business.


Let us be clear. We are not a lending institution nor do we provide "loans" that require credit approval or payback terms. Instead, we provide financial scholarships, working capital, start-up grant funding earmarked exclusively for promising African American entrepreneurs.


One Swipe At A Time™ is the only company in existence fulfilling this unique mission.


One Swipe At A Time exists to provide African-American entrepreneurs with start-up working capital grants to

help them launch, manage, and grow profitable small businesses.

We Provide The Opportunity. You Make It Happen.


Keeping with our strategic vision, values and promise --- we reach out to African-American business owners and the business community in general with an exceptional value proposition. Our team of independent sales agents encourage businesses to replace their existing credit card processing service from whomever they are currently using to a no-fees, zero cost merchant account offered by One Swipe at a Time.


Through our creative approach and merchant participation, One Swipe At A Time™. Fifty percent of all profit generated from our merchant services program is donated to African American entrepreneurs in the form of working capital grants.


Revenue share breakdown under the One Swipe At A Time financial management structure is best summarized as follows:


  • 50% distributed to One Swipe At A Time. Earmarked towards the company mission.

  • 25% to compensate the independent sales agent /affiliate sales force.

  • 25% to purchase and provide any required business equipment, software, 24/365 customer support, web platforms, and miscellaneous overhead and costs.


In our efforts to accelerate funding and ensure that more underrepresented African American entrepreneurs succeed in business, we developed a self-generating, self-sustaining monthly recurring revenue model.


One Swipe At A Time launches a business incubator—which is essentially a step-by-step business growth platform that provides the education, tools, and subject matter expertise mentor ship needed to properly scale the business for growth.

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