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One Swipe.

Building Economic Self-Sufficiency For Black America
#One Swipe At A Time

One Swipe at a Time© is a self-funded, fully accredited, US-based charitable organization.


We exist to provide African-American business owners and promising entrepreneurs with monetary funding in the form of a business grant.


Where does the money come from?

Members of One Swipe At A Time and our nationwide team of independent sales agents sell our electronic payment processing solutions to businesses of all sizes throughout North America.


50% of all revenue generated is set aside exclusively for business grant scholarships. Join us today!


Sign up as a merchant to enjoy saving money bu using our credit card processing services OR apply as a candidate for a business grant.


There are no sign-up fees, no application fees, and no long term binding contracts associated with credit card processing solutions offered by One Swipe At A Time.


Fill In Your Business Contact Information

Thanks for joining One Swipe at a Time!

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