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The information featured on our Blog is very sensitive in nature. We strongly encourage website visitors to use reasonable discretion prior to sharing documents or media content with others. Some of this content may be perceived as militant, hateful or racist to certain audiences when in fact, it is ignored history fact and truth.


Our purpose in sharing this information is to educate and inform our target audience as to the urgent need to build and support the growth of African American business enterprises. 


National Security Study Memoranda 46

This Document is Exhibit #10 of U.S. Supreme Court Case No.00-9587

Dated: March 17, 1978


*National Security Council Memorandum-46, describes a U.S. government-funded global strategy designed to prevent African Americans in the USA from uniting with African abroad should those parties attempt to work towards the goal of establishing financial self-sufficiency apart from American or European control.


Presidential Review Memorandum NSCM/46 

To: The Secretary of State 
The Secretary of Defense 
The Director of Central Intelligence 

SUBJECT: Black Africa and the U.S. Black Movement 

The President has directed that a comprehensive review of current developments in Black Africa from the point of view of their possible impacts on the black movement in the United States.


The review should consider;

1. Long-term tendencies of social and political developments and the degree which they are consistent with or contradict to consider: the U.S. interests.

2. Proposals for durable contacts between radical African leaders and leftist leaders of the U.S. black community. 

3. Appropriate steps to be taken inside and outside the country in order to inhibit any pressure by radical African leaders and organizations on the U.S. black community for the latter to exert influence on the policy of the Administration toward Africa. 

The President has directed that the NSC Interdepartmental Group for Africa perform this review. The review should be forwarded to the NSC Political Analysis Committee by April 20. 


Zbigniew Brezinski 

cc: The Secretary of the Treasury 
The Secretary of Commerce 
The Attorney General 
The Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff


FBI COINTELPRO – A US Government Plan To Identify and Neutralize Any Rising “Black Messiah” Figure Capable of Bringing Unity To African Americans



Visit the link featured below to visit the official FBI website. There, you can review the original document.


OPERATION COINTELPRO (1956–1971; Reconstituted to the present) is a series of covert, and often illegal and clandestine projects funded and conducted by the FBI together with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies targeting leaders of the Black American Civil Rights Organizations and activist groups.



Key individuals within these pro-black organizations such as the Black Panther Party were targeted by the Operation  COINTELPRO for “neutralization” due to their anti-white establishment perspective, rhetoric and most importantly, their ability to mobilize and unify the Black community towards the work of building a self-sustaining, self-managed economy apart from the mainstream banking system.



The official term “Black Identity Extremist” is used by the FBI to describe potential Black Messiah figures and persons associated with the pro-Black movement.

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