One Swipe At A Time

One Swipe at a Time© is a US-based charitable organization.


Through our relationship with the 5th largest bank in America and a 25-year-old nationwide credit card processor, we deliver a powerful one-two punch aimed at transforming the economic condition African Americans for the better.

Our Promise

Without any biases, our corporate promise is to provide an opportunity and a real chance to African-American individuals to start and scale a business.









One Swipe At A Time© exists for one purpose; to provide African American entrepreneurs with monetary seed funding to successfully launch businesses of their own, scale operations for longevity, and perpetuate generational wealth.


Besides providing tangible monetary assistance to foster the growth of Black-owned businesses,  we donate state-of-the-art computers and Internet-based support systems to economically disenfranchised schools in need.  


Let us be clear. We are not a lending institution nor do we market ‘loans' that require credit approval and payback terms.


Instead, we provide start-up working capital, new business grant funding to help promising African American entrepreneurs launch  and grow successful businesses.

One Swipe At A Time© helps build successful African American-owned businesses today, while at the same time we're planting seeds to invest in African American businesses for generations to come.

The Motivating Factor Behind Our Charitable Work


The United States tops the list of the most entrepreneurial startups in a calendar year. Some of them are able to survive and grow; others, however, aren’t that lucky to make their presence felt and earn revenue.


Do you know why more than 60% of the US entrepreneurial ventures fail? It’s either because of lack of funding, or startup capital, or lack of awareness about where the real money exists.


Each year, high profile individuals and businesses award billions of dollars to individuals, entrepreneurs, and organizations in terms of ‘free money’ or other types of charitable funding. Yet most of them who are searching for charities and funds don’t know where to apply, where to get an application form, or even how much they can qualify for. In today’s fast-paced business world, real business grants do exist for entrepreneurs without any biases, be it for African-Americans or anyone else.

Dr. Claude Anderson

Author of  PowerNomics®: The National Plan to Empower Black America (

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